Saturday, December 19, 2009

ini nadiaanaknasir ;)

;) these are so obvious.

**i luv my family**
**i luv my boyfriend**
**i luv my sygss**

;) here r some facts. tat mayb ppl juz dont noe bout me.

#01 i dont eat popcorns

#02 i hate it went people miscall me

#03 i want a crooz shirt soo badly

#04 i cannot live without my vaseline

#05 i tink guys wearin tote bags are sexy

#06 my eyes set on guys hair at d very first time i see one.

#07 im a green apple freak

#08 sometimes i read people's lips easily.

#09 i felt as if thres a male in me

#10 my first impression on people are mostly bad

#11 i cant stand babies cry

#12 id like to be a superhero. ;)

#13 i luvvvv spicy foods

#14 i dont really eat fish

#15 big fan of chicken

#16 i dun burst to cry tat easy. so when i cried, it must be bcuz of d massive pain im gainin mentally or physically :)

#17 i cry, then ill sleep. den ill be good ;)

#18 im a sleepyhead

#19 im asthmatic

#20 im a migrainer

#21 but i luv coffee!

#22 i laugh alot

#23 i stutter during public speakings

#24 my tongue is very sensitive of hot drinks n foods

#25 i dun drink hot drinks

#26 im a taurus

#27 i get annoyed easily when people stare at me

#28 i luvvv nasik kandaq

#29 i do noe how to tecktonik.juz a lil ;) n i luvv doin it.

#30 i luv singin as well. well i tink im kinda good *prasan* but i cant really sing infront of people. such as, people. hahha

#31 i have 7 piercings

#32 im shortsighted.

#33 as long as they do not get in the way, i wud not even bother if people hate me.

#34 deletin pictures which happen to be the unliked, my hobby.

p/s ; oke. da ta igt da. ill add em up if it come across. :)

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