Saturday, November 14, 2009


I've got the best thing in the world
Coz' I got you in my heart
And this screw little world
Let's hold hand together
We can share forever
Maybe someday the sky will be coloured with our love

I wake up in the morning
Feeling emptyness in my heart
This pain is just too real
I dream about you, with someone else
Please say that you love me
That we'll never be apart

You have to promise
That you will be faithfull
And there will be lots and lots of love
It is the thing that really matters in this world


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

u name it

so not in d day.
badly dissapointed.
not likely to trust anyone at the moment.

*there's nothing i cud say. i put faith in you. n you, haihh.



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

n so im always d one to b blame.

big talk fr0m a lil guy.

na settle konon.

talkin bout own fren hatin me,

wat bout urs? like, wait, let see...
tat one, ermm and n d another one,
maybe ALL . OF . THEM?? hahha!!

seriously i do, truly n deeply do, feel sorry for you.

so, wat wudve been my last words,
*as if the entire world wouldnt know*
stop suckin it with your presence. oke?
so now im soooo, rlyyyyy,, callin u an ASSSHOLLEE...
*spell it, A,S,S,H,O,L,E. assholeeeeee...*
there you go. happy?
tis one is REALLY for u.


p/s ;
n so d beast married d bitch.
n asshole, always remember,
wat goes around, comes around.