Tuesday, November 3, 2009

n so im always d one to b blame.

big talk fr0m a lil guy.

na settle konon.

talkin bout own fren hatin me,

wat bout urs? like, wait, let see...
tat one, ermm and n d another one,
maybe ALL . OF . THEM?? hahha!!

seriously i do, truly n deeply do, feel sorry for you.

so, wat wudve been my last words,
*as if the entire world wouldnt know*
stop suckin it with your presence. oke?
so now im soooo, rlyyyyy,, callin u an ASSSHOLLEE...
*spell it, A,S,S,H,O,L,E. assholeeeeee...*
there you go. happy?
tis one is REALLY for u.


p/s ;
n so d beast married d bitch.
n asshole, always remember,
wat goes around, comes around.