Thursday, November 18, 2010


i wonder ,
why do i ever have given up in blogging ?
when i love writing so much ?

p/s , i love you

Sunday, February 14, 2010


nafasku seperti ditahan.
betul, seperti ditahan.
direntapnya jantung aq.

tersungkurnya aq,
di sini,
tiada yang nampak.

aq cuba bangun,
ke kanan.
atau kiri.

jalan, pilihan,, bahagia,
yang aq sendiri belum pasti.
yang mana.

dah lma betul aq x menulis. rindu.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

aito problemo

pukul 1 tadi aq tertidur.
terjaganya aq, jam berpaksikan 4.
4 lebih-lebih.

mataku kiriku,
perit benar untuk kuluaskan.
ku terus bangun, cermin mata, omg!
sangat merah!

* scared d hell out of me. *

Saturday, December 19, 2009

ini nadiaanaknasir ;)

;) these are so obvious.

**i luv my family**
**i luv my boyfriend**
**i luv my sygss**

;) here r some facts. tat mayb ppl juz dont noe bout me.

#01 i dont eat popcorns

#02 i hate it went people miscall me

#03 i want a crooz shirt soo badly

#04 i cannot live without my vaseline

#05 i tink guys wearin tote bags are sexy

#06 my eyes set on guys hair at d very first time i see one.

#07 im a green apple freak

#08 sometimes i read people's lips easily.

#09 i felt as if thres a male in me

#10 my first impression on people are mostly bad

#11 i cant stand babies cry

#12 id like to be a superhero. ;)

#13 i luvvvv spicy foods

#14 i dont really eat fish

#15 big fan of chicken

#16 i dun burst to cry tat easy. so when i cried, it must be bcuz of d massive pain im gainin mentally or physically :)

#17 i cry, then ill sleep. den ill be good ;)

#18 im a sleepyhead

#19 im asthmatic

#20 im a migrainer

#21 but i luv coffee!

#22 i laugh alot

#23 i stutter during public speakings

#24 my tongue is very sensitive of hot drinks n foods

#25 i dun drink hot drinks

#26 im a taurus

#27 i get annoyed easily when people stare at me

#28 i luvvv nasik kandaq

#29 i do noe how to tecktonik.juz a lil ;) n i luvv doin it.

#30 i luv singin as well. well i tink im kinda good *prasan* but i cant really sing infront of people. such as, people. hahha

#31 i have 7 piercings

#32 im shortsighted.

#33 as long as they do not get in the way, i wud not even bother if people hate me.

#34 deletin pictures which happen to be the unliked, my hobby.

p/s ; oke. da ta igt da. ill add em up if it come across. :)