Wednesday, April 22, 2009

small small dream

streching my parts of the body,
as i open my eyes,
real slowly..

the sun had rose majestically.
the wet rained pines smelt like heaven.
in my just maisonette, the sound of my stereo was blasting.
loud enough to start tickling parts of my fingers into a happy feet.
what a piece of heaven ive got.

there stood on the small table by the fancy window
a cup of tea. along with my novel.. still.
i felt a little squiggle of excitement.
i smiled.
had my quick shower..
i strode along my polished floor, to my huge wardrobe..
getting all dressed.
neat, simple but nice.

i sat thinking,
first day of work.

now, there i stood.
infront of my beautiful mirror,

would everything turns into such heaven-like when im a grown up already?
would i be a careered woman, sucessfully afterall?
there, i wonder..

english la pulak. x temperate lgsg. hahha*